American Airlines Over-Served Drunk Man Who Assaulted Woman: Lawsuit

A woman filed a lawsuit against American Airlines on Wednesday claiming flight attendants over-served a “visibly drunk” man who later sexually assaulted her, The Dallas Morning News reports. Aubrey Lane’s complaint alleged the airline “failed in its duty to protect her and other passengers” by allowing the drunk man to board a June 2017 redeye flight and serving him alcohol. The man, who sat next to Lane, was allegedly served “as many as six alcoholic drinks” during the flight. Lane also claimed the man “harassed” her throughout the flight and followed her to the airplane’s bathroom, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. “American offered no protection to Aubrey Lane... despite the verbal warnings of Passenger 12C and the obvious obnoxious, aggressive, threatening and intoxicated behavior of Passenger 12B,” the complaint read. Lane reportedly met with airline police upon the flight landing, but the man was not apprehended. When Lane approached the airline about the incident, an employee reportedly described her situation as a “nuisance claim” and offered a $5,000 settlement. The newspaper also reports the FBI has made no arrests in connection to the incident. American Airlines spokesperson Michelle Mohr told the newspaper it is “up to law enforcement to determine what, if any criminal activity, took place.”