Anjelica Huston Rips Robert DeNiro for Taking Roles in Bad Movies

In a shade-filled interview with Vulture, actress Anjelica Huston rips into a number of powerful Hollywood figures, including Bill Murray and Elia Kazan—but saved some of her more choice words for Robert De Niro. When the interviewer brought up how disappointing it is to see icons like De Niro appearing in low-grade films, possibly to earn money, Huston responded “Although, how big can his nut be? I guess he has maybe a couple of ex-wives, right? Not many, but what does this fellow spend his money on? He’s got Nobu. He’s got the Tribeca Film Festival—he’s not spending the film money on that.” She added that “[Al] Pacino does some schlock. But in some way he’s forgiven, because he always goes out on a limb and does Salomé all by himself. Pacino is more experimental, I think. But Bobby, I don’t know the last thing that I’ve seen him in that I thought, ‘Wow, he’s really cracking it.’”

Huston also had harsh words for Bill Murray, who she said “was shit to me” while filming Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and film critic John Simon. “I think the news there is he’s dead and I’m not,” Huston said. When informed that Simon is alive, she responded “He’s dead as far as I’m concerned.”

Editor’s Note: This cheat has been updated.