Barr Decides Asylum Seekers Are Ineligible for Bond Release

Attorney General William Barr ruled on Tuesday that migrants seeking asylum who have been transferred out of “expedited” removal proceedings to full removal proceedings are ineligible to be released on bond before their asylum claim is decided. According to the ruling, Barr claimed that migrants who were first facing court proceedings from “front-line immigration enforcement officers” at the Department of Homeland Security, and then transferred to “full” proceedings before immigration judges after their asylum claim was deemed credible, could not be released before the conclusion of the court proceedings. “An alien who is transferred from expedited removal proceedings to full removal proceedings after establishing a credible fear of persecution or torture is ineligible for release on bond,” Barr wrote. “Such an alien must be detained until his removal proceedings conclude, unless he is granted parole.” According to BuzzFeed News, only DHS can decide to release the migrant while their asylum claim goes through the court system. The ruling takes effect in 90 days. However, DHS reportedly cannot hold families or unaccompanied in detention for more than 20 days due to the Flores Settlement.