California Couple Gets Letter Saying Their ‘Interracial Family’ Is Not Welcome and Must Vacate

An anonymous letter sent to a Northern California household told its residents that their “interracial family” was not welcome in the neighborhood, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The note, which was left in the mailbox of Marc and Sandy Yu of Vacaville, California, also threatened to have them and their five children thrown out by the property owner if they did not tend to their front yard. “This is not the ghetto,” the letter said. “We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here. We will contact your landlord and tell them to evict you if you don’t vacate in the next 60 days.” The letter added that the couple did not meet the “higher standards” of the “older neighborhood with established residents.” When word of the note spread, neighbors reportedly went to the family’s home to tell Marc Yu, who is of Chinese and Filipino descent, and his wife, Sandy, who is originally from Mexico, that they were happy to have them in the community. Lt. Mark Donaldson of the Vacaville Police Department called the letter “disturbing and disappointing and not representative of the community.”