United Airlines Employee, Accused of Calling Black Woman a ‘Monkey,’ Charged With Racist Abuse

A United Airlines employee who was accused of calling a black customer a “monkey” has been charged in Texas with disorderly conduct, The New York Times reports. A misdemeanor charge was filed a month after the Houston Police Department issued Carmella Davano a citation for profane and abusive language in a public place. Davano was accused of repeatedly calling customer Cacilie Hughes “a monkey” and “a shining monkey.” Hughes told the newspaper: “I walked up to the woman, Carmella, and said, ‘Hi, do you have a refund code available?’ and she started yelling at me, calling me a monkey... I was humiliated, I was crying and I was the only black woman in the area.” Two witnesses said they saw and heard Davano abuse Hughes, according to Houston police. The airline said in a statement: “We have withheld the employee from service since the night of the incident pending an internal investigation.”