West Virginia University Student Who Threatened to Carry Out ‘Shooting Spree’ Arrested: Police

A student at West Virginia University has been arrested after threatening to carry out a “shooting spree,” according to police. Cheickna Kagnassy, a freshman, was taken into custody after a tip was called into police alleging he had threatened to carry out a shooting spree, then commit suicide, according to university officials. The concerning statements were made in Facebook messages between Kagnassy and the tipster. In the messages turned over to police, Kagnassy wrote: “I legit feel like going on a shooting spree... Don’t worry dawg, I’ll likely be dead before I go on a shooting spree,” according to court documents. Police did not find any weapons at his home, but said there was “sufficient reason to take action.” He has been charged with threats of terrorist acts, according to court documents, and is currently being held on $75,000 bond. If released, he is not allowed on WVU property.