Cleveland Culture Reporter Fatally Shot in Uncle’s Trailer

A local culture reporter in Cleveland, Ohio, died from multiple gunshot wounds in her uncle’s trailer, reports. The Wood County Coroner’s Office announced Tuesday that 30-year-old reporter Nikki Delamotte-Ullman was found dead Monday morning in her uncle’s Perry Township trailer. The uncle, 67-year-old Robert Delamotte, was also discovered dead in the trailer with a single gunshot wound. Perrysburg Township police told the website that both of their deaths are still under investigation. Delamotte-Ullman reportedly had little contact with her uncle or the rest of her father’s family after her parents divorced when she was a teenager. She reportedly reached out to her uncle after her maternal grandmother’s recent death. According to the website, they had made plans to watch a football game together at a local bar on Sunday—but Delamotte-Ullman’s mother said her daughter did not respond to a text message sent at 10:30 p.m. Delamotte does not appear to have a criminal record. Delamotte-Ullman worked for for two years, after contributing to other local outlets.