King Coal

Coal Tycoon Bob Murray Drafted Orders for Trump to Exit Paris Climate Agreement

In his post-election “wish list” to Donald Trump, coal baron Bob Murray demanded the president exit the Paris climate accord and even drafted six suggested executive orders that would do it, according to newly obtained documents. E&E News obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that show the Murray Energy CEO told Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt that Trump should exit the global climate-change accord—three months later, Trump did exactly that. “President Trump should issue an executive order to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and/or to direct the relevant federal agencies that they shall not require coal-fired electric generators to take action to comply with the Accord,” Murray wrote on March 28, 2017. Murray, an early campaign supporter of Trump and major GOP political donor (and John Oliver nemesis), has got about half the items on his 2017 wish list, according to USA Today.