STEM School Shooting Suspect Devon Erickson Makes First Court Appearance

Devon Erickson, a suspect in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado, made his first court appearance on Wednesday afternoon, the Associated Press reports. The 18-year-old’s dark hair was streaked with purple, and he reportedly covered his eyes during the appearance. When the judge asked him if he had any questions about the court proceedings, Erickson simply said, “No.” He faces 28 charges, including murder, and 25 count of attempted murder. He is slated to return to court on Friday. The Denver Post reported earlier that Erickson was known to have conflicts with other students who picked on him for his small stature. His Facebook and YouTube pages revealed his affinity for theater, music, and left-leaning politics. Aiden Beatty, one of his friends, told the newspaper that Erickson had recently broken up with his girlfriend after she told him to “distance himself from other friends.”

Police said Wednesday that two handguns were involved in the shooting, and sources told local news station Denver7 that authorities believe the guns were stolen from Erickson’s parents.