Cuba Blames Trump for Economic Crisis and Food Rationing

Cuba’s economic minister Betsy Díaz Velázquez blamed the American trade embargo by the Trump administration for food shortages that have led to rationing of staple foods and products, according to The New York Times. Rationing of chicken, rice, eggs, beans and soap have led to long lines, hoarding and panic among consumers. The country has a shortage of nearly a million eggs. Cheap chicken will be limited to 11 pounds per customer and more expensive cuts will be rationed to just two packs, according to the Times. Cuba imports almost two-thirds of its food and many staple products are no longer available for consumers. “We’re calling for calm,” Díaz told the Cuban News Agency Friday. “Selling limited quantities will lead to equal distribution, so that the greatest number of people can buy the product, and we can avoid hoarding.” The crisis in Venezuela, which has halted exports of subsidized fuel to Cuba, has also contributed to the crisis.