Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones Concedes Texas’ ‘Most Competitive’ House Race

Democratic congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones, who was running for Texas’ hotly contested 23rd district, conceded Monday to Republican Will Hurd after two weeks of recounting votes, according to the Dallas Morning News. Because the vote differences were so small, she could have legally pushed for another recount—but she opted against it. While we came up short this time, we ran a race of which we can be proud,” Jones wrote in a statement. “I remain committed to serving my community and country, and I wish Will Hurd the courage to fight for TX-23 in the way in which our district deserves.” After the Nov. 6 vote count revealed that Hurd led by only 689 votes, the Morning News notes, Jones pushed officials to ensure the count of provisional, military, and mail-in votes. She also unsuccessfully sued the Bexar County election administrator last week in an attempt to extend the time for counting provisional ballots, and attended Washington’s “freshmen orientation” session for first-time legislators in case the results swung her way. Hurd, now the official representative for the district, is an active Trump opponent who has backed a bipartisan immigration bill.