FAA Issues Emergency Directive After Boeing Crash in Indonesia

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued an emergency airworthiness directive on a technical glitch possible in Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes after a Lion Air crash last week killed 189 people. The directive echoes concerns reportedly made by Boeing about the possibility of a certain flight-monitoring system providing faulty data, which in turn could cause the plane to take a dive. The FAA has instructed airlines to make changes to their flight manual procedures to deal with any flawed data from the so-called angle of attack sensor and prevent any loss of control of the plane. The warning is said to be based on preliminary findings from Indonesia’s investigation into the Oct. 29 crash of an almost brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8. The plane crashed into the Java Sea after takeoff from Jakarta. Investigators have so far pinpointed problems with the plane’s sensor and airspeed indicator.