Fake Heiress Anna Sorokin After Her Sentencing: ‘The Thing Is, I’m Not Sorry’

A day after being hit with a four-year sentence for grifting over $200,000 from hotels, banks, and a private jet company, Anna Sorokin—otherwise known as “Anna Delvey”—told The New York Times she feels no remorse. “The thing is, I’m not sorry,” she told the Times from Rikers Island Prison Complex. “I’d be lying to you and to everyone else and to myself if I said I was sorry for anything. I regret the way I went about certain things.” Sorokin also elaborated on her motives in scamming banks out of hundreds of thousands in order to live a lavish New York lifestyle and build a private club in the city, claiming that it was never about money and she was really just “power hungry.” “I’m not a good person,” she stated, adding that she'd “probably” do it all again.

A corrections city official told the Times Sorokin has had 13 infractions since being imprisoned, for things like “fighting and disobeying orders.” Sorokin said she's been put in solitary confinement and been held in the maximum security section. Despite getting in trouble in prison, Sorokin said she was excited to finish her two memoirs while incarcerated—one about her New York exploits and another about prison. She also stated that she would like to live in London after getting released, and build her “own investment fund.”