Freak Storms Kill at Least Five in Italy

At least five people died in Italy on Monday after storms in the country knocked down trees and flooded rivers, Reuters reports. Gale-force winds sent trees crashing down onto cars and pedestrians, and hurled debris from buildings through the air, hitting people. The national Civil Protection Agency issued weather warnings as storms affected much of Italy. Local governments and police shut down schools and urged people to stay indoors. “Stay at home. Do not go outside for any reason,” Terracina Mayor Nicola Procaccini reportedly told residents. Rome shut down popular tourist destinations like the Roman Forum and Coliseum after dozens of trees were uprooted. Local officials in Venice said that “up to 75 percent” of the city was under water. Rome, Venice, Verona, Naples, and other Italian cities said they would keep their schools closed on Tuesday due to “further bad weather forecast.”