Google Employees Urge Company to Cancel Chinese Search Engine

Google’s plans to return to China with a search engine regulated by the government has received internal backlash, as employees published an open letter urging the company to cancel the plan titled Project Dragonfly. “Many of us accepted employment at Google with the company’s values in mind, including its previous position on Chinese censorship and surveillance, and an understanding that Google was a company willing to place its values above its profits,” the letter reads. “After a year of disappointments … we no longer believe this is the case.” The letter is only the latest example of worker unrest at Google. Earlier this month, thousands of Google employees staged walkouts in protest of its shoddy handling of sexual misconduct cases. Project Dragonfly would reportedly allow the Chinese government to block some search terms and control public data on air-quality levels. When the plan to return to China was announced in August over 1,000 employees signed an internal petition criticizing the lack of transparency surrounding the project.