Three Dead in Honolulu Helicopter Crash

A helicopter reportedly crashed Monday afternoon in a Honolulu suburb, killing all three people on board. The Associated Press reports that paramedics were responding to another call in the town of Kailua when they heard a “horrific bang” about 30 yards away. Emergency responders found the helicopter on fire in the middle of a two-lane road and close to homes. “When they got there, neighbors were doing a heroic job trying to put out the fire and also trying to get the patients away from the burning aircraft,” said Shayne Enright, a spokeswoman for Honolulu Emergency Medical Services. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, three people were on board the four-seat Robinson R44 helicopter. The circumstances of the crash are reportedly unknown, and no details were available about the passengers. Other witnesses told the AP that they saw debris falling from the sky and a ball of fire in the road.