CIA Warned Three Khashoggi Associates About Threats From Saudi Arabia

Three associates of the late Jamal Khashoggi have been warned by the CIA that they now also face a threat from Saudi Arabia, a report claims. Time reports the CIA and foreign security services have warned three of Khashoggi’s friends and colleagues that, in trying to carry on the murdered journalist’s work after his death, they have made themselves targets of the Saudi regime. The three are Iyad El-Baghdadi of Oslo, who has written for The Daily Beast; Omar Abdulaziz of Montreal; and one person in the U.S. who hasn’t been publicly named. They were reportedly working closely with Khashoggi at the time of his killing last October. After Khashoggi’s murder, the CIA was criticized for failing to warn him that the Saudi crown prince wanted him to be detained. The nature of the threat to the three associates from Saudi Arabia isn’t known—none of them have been told that they or their families are in physical danger. However, El-Baghdadi went into hiding in Norway after being warned he was facing a potential threat.