Judge Boots 30-Year-Old Man Out of Parents’ House

A New York judge on Tuesday handed down an eviction notice to a 30-year-old man refusing to move out of his parents’ home after they sued to get him out, reports. The bizarre family dispute turned legal battle played out before state Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood, who heard 30 minutes of Camillus resident Michael Rotondo insisting he was entitled to another six months under his parents’ roof. His parents, Mark and Christina Rotondo, had filed a lawsuit against their son after he apparently ignored several written orders to vacate the premises. Rotondo, who represented himself in court, called the judge’s decision to evict him “outrageous” and insisted it was wrong, saying he simply wasn’t ready to leave and stressing that his parents did not do his laundry or provide him with food. The judge disagreed, however, at one point recommending that Rotondo use Airbnb to find a new place. He also ordered adult protective services to investigate the situation.