Prestigious New Jersey School Debate Team Hit by ‘Traitor’ Allegations

Debate teams are used to arguing—but not quite like this. A schoolkid's parents are suing a prestigious New Jersey private school for slander after the child was branded a traitor for allegedly conspiring against his debating group. The Kugnus ACTS Academy debating coach allegedly accused the student of sharing files and strategies with a friend on the other team, claiming that rivals Yorkville “possessed the exact same overviews, block and arguments” from Kugnus’ practice rounds, according to the lawsuit reported by The 14-year-old Fort was forced to leave the academy after allegedly suffering “false, malicious and defamatory” comments about the alleged treachery. “The family is seeking to have his good name and character restored,” said Michael Kimm, an attorney for the family. The suit said that rumors about the student “spread like wildfire” around the school that he betrayed is team—which he and his parents strongly deny. The parents are suing the private school, its principal and debate coach.