Lena Dunham: I’m Six Months Sober After ‘Misusing’ Klonopin

Girls creator and actress Lena Dunham announced that she’s six months sober after “misusing” the anti-anxiety medicine Klonopin for more than three years, according to a Monday report from People. Speaking on Dax Sheppard’s podcast Armchair Expert, Dunham explained that she originally started taking the doctor-prescribed Klonopin to treat anxiety associated with “having to show up for things that I didn’t feel equipped to show up for.” But eventually, the actress said, “It stopped being ‘I take one when I fly,’ to ‘I take one when I’m awake.’” She added that after she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, she upped her dosage. “It stopped feeling like I had panic attacks and it started feeling like I was a living panic attack,” she said. “The only thing that was notable was the parts of the day where I didn’t feel like I was going to barf and faint.” But after a dramatic withdrawal period, she’s doing better. “I just feel literally on my knees grateful every day,” Dunham explained.