Man Who Sent Letter Containing White Powder to Don Jr. Gets Five Years Probation

A Massachusetts man who sent letters containing a white powder substance to President Donald Trump’s sons was sentenced to five years probation on Friday, the Associated Press reports. While prosecutors were recommending 25-year-old Daniel Frisiello get a three-year prison sentence, the judge declined to give him any prison time due to concerns over his developmental disability. Frisiello, who sent a letter containing white powder to Donald Trump Jr. in February, was ordered to spend his first year in probation under house arrest and is banned from sending mail or accessing the internet without approval for five years. He pleaded guilty in October to sending 13 threatening letters over three years, including one to Eric Trump in 2016 stating that his father must drop out of the 2016 presidential race. None of the letters Frisiello sent contained any hazardous material.