Zuckerberg ‘Used Data as Leverage Over Rivals,’ Leaked Documents Show

Mark Zuckerberg led a plan to use private Facebook data as leverage over the company's partners and rivals, according to thousands of leaked documents obtained by NBC News. The CEO reportedly used Facebook's unmatched data banks to control its competitors by using them as a bargaining chip—even though he was saying in public that he was protecting such data. The company reportedly rewarded its favored companies by granting them access to user data including information about friends, relationships and photos. It would deny user-data access to rival companies or apps in an apparent attempt to consolidate its own power. The company reportedly gave Amazon extended access to user data as a reward for its spending on Facebook advertising and discussed cutting off access to user data for one messaging app that had grown too popular for its liking. The documents show data was also shared with developers who were “friends” of Zuckerberg. Facebook denied that it gave preferential treatment to some companies because of how much they spent on advertising. The company isn't accused of breaking the law.