Report: Michael Cohen Says Jerry Falwell Jr. Enlisted His Help to Get Rid of ‘Personal’ Photos

President Trump's former personal attorney Michel Cohen has reportedly claimed he was tasked with getting rid of racy “personal” photographs by Jerry Falwell Jr., evangelical leader and president of Christian college Liberty University. According to Reuters, Cohen was heard in a recording stating that Falwell told him in 2015 that someone had come into possession of what Cohen described as “personal” photos—the kind that were kept “between husband and wife.” In the recording, which was made by comedian Tom Arnold on March 25, Cohen is heard saying he “actually [had] one of the photos” without elaborating any further. “It’s terrible,” he was quoted as saying. A source told Reuters the person who had the photos destroyed them after Cohen intervened on Falwell's behalf. After Cohen allegedly got rid of the photos, Trump's fixer was reportedly able to convince the evangelical figure to endorse Trump's presidential campaign right before the Iowa caucuses. There is no evidence that Falwell’s endorsement of Trump was related to the photo incident, however, and a source claimed the endorsement was a “separate” matter, according to Reuters. An attorney for the Falwells reportedly declined to comment.