MyPillow Lays Off 150 Workers Months After CEO Credited Trump Tax Cuts for Economic Boom

MyPillow is laying off about 150 workers, according to a statement from CEO Mike Lindell. Lindell has been a vocal supporter of Trump, and credited the president’s tax cuts with creating a new economic boom only six months ago. In an October op-ed for Alpha News, Lindell wrote that MyPillow was able to give 5 to 10 percent raises to all its employees due to Trump’s tax cuts. “Thanks to President Trump, hope has turned into confidence for business owners and their employees in Minnesota and across the country,” Lindell wrote.

The company, based out of Minnesota, is reportedly changing the layout of its facilities as Lindell prepares to start a new business venture. According to the statement, he plans on launching an “online store for entrepreneurs and inventors to sell their products,” called “I value each and every one of my employees so this is a difficult decision, however this is what is best right now for the future of MyPillow and to prepare for the launch of,” he said. MyPillow laid off 140 workers about two years ago at a different plant.