NBA Coach Luke Walton Accused of Sexual Assault by Female Sports Reporter: TMZ

Former Los Angeles Lakers player and current Sacramento Kings Coach Luke Walton is being sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a female sports reporter in his hotel room, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Kelli Tennant, a TV reporter for SportsNet LA, alleges that when Walton was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors (a position he left in April 2016), Walton invited her to his hotel room to discuss a book she was writing. The two reportedly had a professional relationship and she wanted him to write the foreword to her book. Tennant accuses Walton of pinning her to the bed when she arrived at the hotel room and “forcing kisses on her neck, face and chest.” Tennant also accuses Walton of inappropriately touching her and rubbing “his erection on her leg.” According to the court documents, Walton allegedly allowed her to get up after some time but Walton groped her body once more while she was walking around his hotel room. Tennant says she heard Walton say “Good to see you,” as she opened the door and left.

Tennant says she did not report the incident after it happened, according to the documents, but was forced to see him many times after the incident because of her job. She says Walton always greeted her with a “big hug or a kiss” despite knowing his advances were not wanted. Walton’s reps have not yet responded to TMZ’s request for comment.