NCAA Rules Gay Athlete Disowned by Parents Can Keep Scholarship Funds

The NCAA has reversed a decision to revoke an LGBT student athlete's scholarship over online donations she received.

Emily Scheck, a cross country runner and student at Canisius College, was abandoned by her parent— financially and otherwise—when they found out she was dating a woman. Scheck’s parents sudden abandonment left the athlete, who works two jobs while in college, with little means to pay for housing, books, and food. Seeing her difficult situation, Scheck’s friends stepped in and created a GoFundMe page, which raised over $25,000 in funds for her. When the NCAA got wind of the donations they gave Scheck an ultimatum: either she return the donations, or she would lose her scholarship. After public backlash, the NCAA reversed their original decision.

“Canisius and the NCAA will continue to work together in support of Emily,” Canisius College wrote in a statement. “She is a member of the Canisius family and we will to do whatever we can to assist her.”