Neil deGrasse Tyson Under Investigation After Three Women Allege Sexual Misconduct

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been accused of sexual misconduct by three women, prompting Fox Broadcasting and National to investigate the accusations, according to BuzzFeed News. One woman, who went to graduate school with Tyson, alleged in a 2014 blog post that he had drugged and raped her. After writer David McAfee published an interview with the woman, Tchiya Amet, two other women went public with sexual misconduct allegations. One accuser, physics professor Katelyn Allers, said Tyson groped her at a 2009 party. Tyson’s ex-assistant, Ashley Watson, said she had to quit her job because of his unwanted sexual advances, McAfee reported. Producers of Tyson’s hit show Cosmos said “the credo at the heart of Cosmos is to follow the evidence wherever it leads. The producers of Cosmos can do no less in this situation...We are committed to a thorough investigation of this matter and to act accordingly as soon as it is concluded,” BuzzFeed News reports. Fox and National Geographic, which both air Cosmos, reportedly said, “We have only just become aware of the recent allegations regarding Neil deGrasse Tyson. We take these matters very seriously and we are reviewing the recent reports.”