New Jersey Dentist’s Playboy Bunny Easter Display Destroyed by Angry Neighbor

President Trump may have retreated in the War on Christmas, but the War on Easter is just heating up. A New Jersey dentist’s Playboy Bunny Easter display was destroyed by a female neighbor who lives across the street from the office. The display, which featured five mannequins dressed in lingerie and bunny ears surrounded by giant Easter eggs, was damaged when neighbor Desire Mozek took her moral outrage—and gardening shears—out on the unusual decorations. “I think I did something right,” Mozek said. “That’s disgusting already.” The dentist, Wayne Gangi, estimated the damage to the display at $500 to $1,000. He said he plans to put the display back up and file a restraining order against Mozek. Gangi said he got the idea when he saw the giant Easter eggs while in a Party City store, adding that he liked the Playboy bunnies when he was a child, and thought the display would be a funny “spoof.” Mozek told a reporter she thinks the display is an “improper portrayal” of women. “That’s not Easter,” she said.