North Korea Tells Trump: We Don't Want to Talk to ‘Immature’ Mike Pompeo Anymore

When Mean Girls meets high-level international diplomacy. North Korea has told Donald Trump that it no longer wants to talk to Mike Pompeo, saying the secretary of state is too immature. Pompeo has been one of the lead negotiators in nuclear talks with Kim Jong Un's administration, but state media reported Thursday morning that they now want someone who is “is more careful and mature in communicating.” The KCNA news agency—a mouthpiece for the government—also said that “no one can predict” what will happen if the U.S. doesn't abandon the “root cause” that made Pyongyang develop nuclear weapons. The statement came just hours after Kim Jong Un reportedly watched the test-fire of a new “tactical guided weapon,” which would be North Korea's first weapons test since Trump’s second meeting with Kim Jong Un ended in failure.