NYC Students Scarred by Botched Science Experiment Win More Than $1M From City

Two New York City students who suffered severe burns from a high school science experiment gone wrong have received more than $1 million from the city, The New York Daily News reports Monday. On Jan. 2, 2014, a teacher at the elite Beacon High School attempted to perform a “rainbow” experiment, in which different mineral salts create different color flames. But the teacher botched the experiment, accidentally creating what the Daily News described as a “blazing ribbon [of fire] that flew across the table.” One student, Julia Saltonstall, suffered third-degree burns on her right arm; another, Sara Salitan, claimed “emotional and psychological” distress. Saltonstall received $750,000 from the city per the agreement, which was reached on the day the trial was set to begin. Salitan got $400,000. A third student, Alonzo Yanes, suffered burns to 31 percent of his body, and is currently pursuing claims for up to $27 million. The Daily News reported last year that the teacher responsible, Anna Poole, was promoted to teach other educators about science-instruction techniques.