British Millionaire Charged Over Video Showing Grenfell Tower Model Being Set on Fire

A British property millionaire has been charged following an investigation into video which showed a group setting fire to a model of Grenfell Tower—the London residential block which burst into flames in 2017, killing 72 people. The city's Metropolitan Police confirmed in a statement early Monday that Paul Bussetti, 46, was charged on Friday with two counts of sending “grossly offensive material via a public communications network.” The video was circulated last November. It showed a large model with a Grenfell Tower sign, complete with paper figures at the windows, being set on fire in front of a laughing crowd. Onlookers could be heard shouting “Help me! Help me!” and “Jump out the window!” and, at the end of the clip, a person was heard saying: “That’s what happens when they don’t pay their rent.” British media have reported that Bussetti owns London real estate worth around $10m. Police say he's due in court on 30 April.