Report: Pentagon to Send 300 More Troops to Border to Help Immigration Authorities

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is reportedly set to ease rules that prohibit troops from interacting with migrants at the border and approve a Department of Homeland Security request to send military lawyers, cooks, and drivers to assist immigration officials in the area. According to The Washington Post, the move would require authorizing waivers for some 300 troops to be able to come in contact with migrants—which is not permitted under normal circumstances. Troops will reportedly provide legal assistance in deportation hearings across the country. They will also aid in transporting migrants and distributing food, all under the supervision of law enforcement officials. The move will also reportedly cost about $21.9 million through the end of fiscal year 2019. Shanahan is expected to sign the request on Friday. The Defense Department has only authorized waivers once before, when more medical services were needed along the border.