Possible Banksy Mural Spotted Near Climate-Change Protests in London

Street art spotted at London’s Marble Arch is believed to be an original Banksy, The Guardian reports. The art features a young girl holding a sign with the logo of environmental group Extinction Rebellion, and the phrase, “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin.” Extinction Rebellion reportedly held protests at the Marble Arch almost two weeks ago. John Brandler, a Banksy collector and expert, told the newspaper he believed the unsigned piece was an original from the Bristolian street artist because of the piece’s “execution and theme.”

“I’m convinced about the one in London for two reasons: It’s a topic that he would support, and it’s a continuation of the Port Talbot piece that appeared in December 2018,” Brandler said. “The name in the corner is not important, the signature is the work. And this is a Banksy. It’s a wonderful statement and a beautiful piece.” The artist’s Port Talbot piece featured a young boy playing in soot from a dumpster fire that appeared to look like snow. Banksy has not confirmed whether the Marble Arch work is his, and his press team reportedly did not respond to requests for comment.