Report: Bill Shine to Get Paid by Fox News and White House Simultaneously

White House communications chief Bill Shine received an $8.4 million severance package upon leaving Fox News in May 2017 and will continue to be paid by the network for two more years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Financial disclosure forms cited by the Reporter also showed that Shine is due to receive a bonus and options valued at about $3.5 million both this year and next year from 21st Century Fox. Before becoming President Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, Shine was accused in multiple lawsuits of enabling and helping to cover up alleged sexual harassment by Fox News on-air talent and late chairman Roger Ailes. Upon becoming the Trump administration’s sixth White House communications director in 18 months last July, he received a 68-day extension on his financial disclosure form. The form, released to the Reporter on Friday, indicates he will now be paid simultaneously by both the Trump-friendly Fox News network and the White House.