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Zombie Patriot Act Will Keep U.S. Spying—Even if the Original Dies

Instagrammer of the Week

Surf’s Up Everywhere for Instagrammer Chris Burkard

Bob Schieffer’s Short, Snappy So Long

California Housing Boss to Build Luxury Condos Over Poor Tenants’ Homes

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 24-31

Why Free College is Really Expensive

Bob Crane’s Strange Journey From ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ to Sex Addiction to Murder

Megachurch: Stay With Your Kiddie Porn-Watching Husband—or Face ‘Discipline’

Fed Up With Islam and Sectarianism, Some Iraqis Embrace Zoroastrianism

America’s 80-Year Addiction to A.A.

Medal of Honor at Last for Black WWI Veteran

Berlusconi Has The Instagram of a Tween Girl

Great Teachers Save Lives (Literally)

Jerusalem’s Underground City of the Dead

Murdered Rappers Who Could’ve Been Biggie

FIFA’s Impossible, Corrupt Qatar Math: How FIFA Had to Have Known Forced Labor Was Needed for 2022’s Qatari World Cup

The Right Somehow Still Hates ‘The Lego Movie’

Lil B’s Life Lessons at UCLA: The Based God on the Media, Federal Government, Aliens, and More

The Burning Hatred of Burma’s Ugly Buddhists

Beau Biden: A Death in the American Family

Best of Breslin: On the Hunt for Son of Sam

Anti-Islam Bigots Fail to Provoke in Phoenix

Martin O’Malley’s Embarrassing Announcement

TV Characters That Vanished: ‘Mad Men’s’ Sal and Others with Loose Ends

Demented, Dying, but on Trial, the Last Nazis Reveal Their True Evil

300 Fireworks At Once, Beyonce’s Disney Dance, and More Viral Videos

The Week in Photos: May 30, 2015

What Makes The Cavs The NBA’s Kardashians

My Night With Palagia, Queen of the New York Sex Party

The Lorax of the Ozarks Has Died

How Did Eva Braun’s Underwear End Up in an Ohio Thrift Store?

Can Ecstasy Replace Xanax?

Celebs in Classic Cars

How ‘Public Servant’ Hastert Got His Riches

Is The Art World Truly Sexist?

How Lite Food Is Really Ruining Your Diet

Joey Graceffa Was A Bullied Teen Who Took to YouTube and Became a Star

John Waters on Police Brutality in Baltimore, Sex in Voting Booths, and the Insanity of Fox News

Bad Blood: Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry

Has Lil B’s Hex on the Cavaliers and LeBron James Really Been Lifted? The Based God Speaketh

Remembering Those Lost On That Awful Day, 102 Flights Up

No Joy in Yorkville—Hastert’s Secret Is Out

Nebraska’s No-Stalemate, Commie Legislature

London Rabbis Run Women Off the Road

Ukraine Tears Down Soviet Symbols, Winks At Nazi Ones

How the Hell Did Sepp Blatter Win?

Here's What Happens When a Black Man Open Carries Gun

Bill Clinton to Foundation Donors: I Feel Your Pain

'Kung Fury': An Insane, Hyperviolent 80s Nostalgia Roundhouse Kick to the Face (NSFW)

Obama’s New ISIS War Plan: Nothing

Come to Bed, Mr. President: The Hottest White House Fanfiction

California’s Drought Is So Bad, Thieves Are Now Stealing Water

Indiana’s First Church of Pot

Is Marvel Sabotaging the ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘X-Men?’

Can Texas Pass a Gun Bill?

The Kardashians’ Krazy Week: From Conspiracy Theories to Kimye, Have We Reached Peak Kardashian?

Riley Curry, the Amazing Daughter of Steph Curry, Is NBA Playoffs MVP

How to Sell Other People’s Instagrams for $100,000 and Get Away With It

The Day FIFA Greedsters Went Too Far

Is Rubio Really Hillary’s ‘Nightmare’?

Freed Gitmo Detainees Pose New Threat, Republicans Say

Feds Indict Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for FBI Lies

The Patriot Act May Be Dead Forever

Does Daytime TV Have to Be a Talk-Obsessed Hell?

Christian Rappers Drop Bombs for Aspiring Bomb-Dropper Ted Cruz

The Unbearable Whiteness of Cameron Crowe’s ‘Aloha’: A Hawaii-Set Film Starring Asian Emma Stone

Chris Pratt Makes Son a Facebook Star

Man Threatens Suicide, Police Kill Him

ISIS Wins No Matter What Happens Next

Scott Walker to Sign Ban on Abortions for Rape, Incest

Exclusive New Sly & the Family Stone Song 'Color Me True'

Does Tweeting ‘Gone With the Wind’ Make This Poet Racist?

Why Lyme Disease Cases Are Spiking

The Duggar Effect: The End of Hicksploitation TV

Award-Winning Teacher Fired for Reading an Allen Ginsberg Poem

His Wife Didn’t Know He Was a Mafia Hitman

The Soccer Dad Who Brought Down FIFA

Revenge of the Fox News Frat Boy

Ted Cruz Comes Clean: He’s a Secret Video Game Addict

The Rock: The Action Hero America Deserves, and the One It Needs Right Now

Team O’Malley: We’re Not Old Like Hillary

Feds Will Break FIFA Like the Mafia

Hollywood’s Comedy Queens Uncensored: Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and More Sound Off

J.K. Rowling Takes On the Homophobic Trolls

Bill Nye Predicts Future on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Cher Is Not Impressed With Obama’s ISIS War

B.B. King’s Kids Swear He Was Murdered

John Oliver Warned Us: FIFA Is ‘Grotesque’

Shocking Arrests as Team America Smashes ‘Corrupt’ FIFA Soccer

Tunisians—and Top E.U. Generals—Fear Mission Creep Madness in Libya

Inside Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Nightmare: Is the 'Gossip Girl' Star's War Finally Over?

Corrupt FIFA Has Clinton Foundation Ties; World Cup Host Qatar Gave Millions

Silicon Valley’s Eating Up Super Ritalin. I Got the Best of It.

Who’s Lying About Syria’s Christian Massacre?

Germaine Greer Vs. The World (and Elton John)

Will the New DEA Chief Go Easy on Pot?

Want Some NRA Confederate Flag Swag?

World Cup Slaves: It Gets Worse

The Case of Italy’s Stolen 1,800-Year-Old Sarcophagus Lid

Russia Won’t Admit Its Soldiers Are in Ukraine, Even the Captured Ones

‘Fight Club’s’ Twisted Mastermind: Chuck Palahniuk on God, Men Vs. Women, and ‘Fight Club 2’

This Swimsuit Cut Is Too Damn High

How Bud Selig Almost Ruined Baseball

The Right-Wing War on Lena Dunham

How a Fire Island Ted Cruz Boycott Died at Cocktail Hour

Bernie Sanders’s One Fantastic Idea

Real-Life ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Kingpin Is Going Down

Bill Cosby Assault Allegations Trigger Change in Nevada Sex-Crime Law

Pixies’ Black: Shut Up About Spotify and Make Art

Texas Homecoming Queen With a ‘Heart for God’ Gets Swept Away by Floods

Marco Rubio Pathetically Plays the LGBT Victim

A Kardashian Stumbles Upon a Chemtrail

Big Trouble in Sheldon Adelson’s Little China

Lovesick Teens Summon Fake Mexican Demon With Charlie Charlie Challenge

David McCullough: We Should Build Statues to Our Best Teachers

Bizarre 2016 Campaign Swag

Look Bad Faster with Hillary’s Pantsuit T-Shirt

Quorum: How To Do LGBTI Activism In Kenya

Nebraska Cult Killer Michael Ryan Cheats Death Row

The Birth of the Left-Wing Wedge Issue

Jane Austen Inspired My Escort Name

Will Parole Keep Her From Transitioning?

Yes, All That Screen Time Is Bad for Your Kid

There Are No Easy Answers to Fashion’s Cruelty

This Lawyer Wants Hillary to Loosen Up on Pot

Chrissy Teigen’s Takeover: On That Iggy Azalea Eye Roll, Haters, and Double Dates with Kimye

50 Cent Discusses Winning Big on Floyd Mayweather, Zayn Malik, and Police Brutality

The Rock Vs. the World: From Godzilla to Racism, a List of Dwayne Johnson’s Would-Be Movie Foes

Coulter Hates ‘the Browning of America’

The Rich New Yorkers Schooling GOP Hopefuls on Reaganomics

With Help From ISIS, a More Deadly Boko Haram Makes a Comeback

The Tea Party Case Against Mega Donors

Why Wall Street Bailouts Are Here to Stay

Paul Weller: Yes, I Threatened to Break Noel Gallagher’s Legs

A Cardinal Cleans Up the Vatican Bank, Not His Record With Pedophiles

He’ll Tell You Where to Find Gaddafi’s Missing Billions—If He Gets His Cut

Famous Musicians With Military Dads

Supermodels Invade the Monaco Grand Prix: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Co. Lap Up the Race

History’s Next Great War Zone: The South China Sea

In a Small Town in Brazil, a Journalist Is Beheaded

Shigeru Ban, the Architect Who Reshapes Disaster Zones

Glenn Beck: Free The Weed

1999: Our Last Innocent, Giddy Summer

Caution: World-Changing Poetry at Work

On Being Right about Right and Wrong

What Rolling Thunder Can Teach America

‘Bar Rescue’s’ Jon Taffer: How to Make Your Bar the Hottest Joint in Town

The Nigerian Girls Who’ve Become Boko Haram’s Best Killers

Gay Ambassadors Represent U.S. and LGBT Interests to the World

Cover Story: Edward Gorey’s Best Book Jackets

Your New Bionic Lenses Are B.S.

How I Used DNA To Find My Birth Family

The Incredible Bravery of America’s Female Special Ops

‘Game of Thrones’: The Mother of Dragons and the Imp, at Long Last

Did the Mexican Army Just Massacre 42 People?

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 17-23

The 120 BPM Ballad of Adam and Frankie

How ‘Poltergeist’ Taught Us to Fear Technology

Game of Thrones’s Other Great Novelist

Should a Nazi Ghost Town Be Saved?

A Babylonian Guide to Sex: Putting the ‘Fertile’ in the Fertile Crescent

George Clooney’s Global Warming Shaming

Michigan Lottery Winners Go Into Hiding

Video: World War II’s Hellish Numbers

A Mad Max/Kimmy Schmidt Mash-Up, Justin Bieber Solves a Rubik’s Cube, and More Viral Videos

Henry Ford’s Lost City in the Amazon

Can We Please Get God Out of Religion?

Why Can't the White House Shut Up About Secret Raids?

Why Don’t We Build Statues for Our War Heroes Anymore?

Grandma Middleton Takes Royal Control After Princess Charlotte’s Birth

Classic Breslin: The Day I Company Got Killed

Arkansas' Gay Rodeo (PHOTOS)

When Huckabee Also Wanted Us To Forgive Mel Gibson

Cate Blanchett and the Hollywood Closet

Fear of a Black Superhero: Michael B. Jordan and the Importance of Colorblind Casting

Instagrammer of the Week - Jeff Johnson

A Conqueror of the Useless Takes on Social Media

Senate Kicks Can On Patriot Act Reform

Ireland Says ‘Yes’ to Marriage Equality

Why We Fall for Fake Science

Inside Don Draper’s Big Sur Nirvana: The Esalen Institute

The Foreign Cash Buying New Mexico's Pot

When Iraq Was Paradise

Life After ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’: Adele Exarchopoulos on Courting Controversy and Anarchism

The Douchiest Dating Advice of All Time, With Added Homophobia and Sexism

The Big Life Of A World War II Ace

It Takes a Village to Save the Planet

The Stacks: How America Fell for the Private Eye

Instagram’s Wonderland of Cocktails Too Gorgeous To Drink

The Downward Facing Dogs Of War

The Party Where Lady Gaga Met The Bolshoi

ISIS and the New ‘Army of Conquest’ in Syria Are Headed for a Showdown

The Week in Photos: May 23, 2015

At 70, Yes, The UN is Broken, But There’s Nothing Else

Only Capitalism Can Save the Planet

‘The Human Centipede 3’ Director Vs. the Right-Wing: ‘I Would Love It If President Obama Sees It’

Why Breast Is Best for Elle

Huckabee Defends Duggar Son Accused of Molestation

Sorry, GOP. There’s No Smoking Gun In Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Emails.

How The Duggars’ Church Encourages Young Women To ‘Submit’

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Wasted Millions on Democratic Operatives

The Irish Heading #HomeToVote For Marriage Equality

Inside Cannes’ Most Glamorous Party

ISIS: Michelle Obama Is Worth $40

Why Parents Should Skip the Waiting Room

Coldplay’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Musical: The Only Thing You'll Be Talking About Today

Special Ops to Obama: Let Us Fight ISIS, Already

Why Is No One Looking for These 5,000 Missing Kids?

Where ISIS Gets Its Bombs

Jeb Bush’s War on Gay Adoption

Frida Kahlo’s Garden Grows Again—in New York

We Owe Martha Stewart an Apology

America’s Most Awful Liberal Is a #FloridaMan: Alan Grayson

How the Irish Gay Marriage Debate Isn’t Like America’s

How to Fall in Love With Fly Fishing

How L.A.’s New Minimum Wage Could Hurt the Poor

Cannes’s 3D Porn: High Heels, Tuxedoes, and Midnight Money Shots

Damon Lindelof’s Persecution Complex: ‘There Are People Who Are Gunning For Me’

Does the Octopus Have a Soul?

U.S. Admits Syrian Airstrike Killed 2 Kids

How Long Did TLC Know About Molestation Claims Against Josh Duggar?

Iraqis Now Blaming U.S. for Losing Ramadi to ISIS

This Man Stole a Plane After Allegedly Beating His Date—and He Might Get Away With It

Dear Chris Christie: Sorry We Did Our Jobs

Arrests Fall, Murder Booms in Baltimore’s Worst Area

Stephen Fry and Friends Lobby for Irish Gay Marriage

Is This The NSA’s Secret to Cracking Secure Comms?

Oceans 64: Behind The $300m Old Guy Heist

Photos: The Worst U.S. Oil Spill in Years?

Maggie Gyllenhaal, 37, Has Reached Her Last F***able Day

Will ISIS Wreck Ruin-Rich Palmyra?

On Mariupol’s Front Lines With Ukraine’s Mother Courage

Foo Fighters Play Letterman’s Farewell

DEA Agents Ran Jersey’s Sleaziest Strip Club

Today’s Bad Idea: ‘Frexting,’ The Sexts You Send Friends

Inside Palmyra, the Ancient City ISIS Just Sacked

Janet Jackson Deserves Our Respect: The Pop Diva and Sex Goddess Reclaims Her Throne

Wisconsin Woman Needs Kangaroos to Cope

Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us

Americans Want the Patriot Act to Die. Let It.

The Sober Science Behind ‘Drunk in Love’

Jay Z’s Charity Problem: 'My Presence Is Charity'

Kate Betts’ Superhero Back-Story

And Now, America, an Openly Gay Imam

Are ‘Death Panels’ Coming to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin?

Rand Paul Will Hate the NSA Until You Love Him

50 Cent Backs Hillary Clinton For President: ‘It’s Hillary Time!’

Please, Let’s Get Real About Grade ‘Shaming’

Let Them Eat Homophobic Cake

David Letterman’s Dry-Eyed Farewell

Slain Cop Kerrie Orozco Was Going to Bring Her Baby Home Thursday

Bitcoin’s Overblown Wall Street Debut

Turncoat Democrats, It’s Time to Support Obama on Trade

When It Comes To The ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Guy, Mexico Can Keep Him

New Documents Reveal Bin Laden Wanted to Set Up Shop in Iran

Neoconservatives: That Iraq Question Roiling the GOP Field Is Stupid

Argentine Judges Dismiss Rape of 6-Year-Old Because Child Is ‘Gay’

Prince Charles Makes Peace With The Past

ISIS Guide A Mix of Travel and Terror

Letterman’s Goodbye: The Last Great Talk Show Host Retires and a Generation Fades Into History

250 U.K. Celebs Accused of Child Sex Abuse

The Best of Bill Murray Vs. David Letterman: One Comedy Legend Says Goodbye to Another

Is Princess Eugenie The Royal Kabbalah Convert?

Inside the Texas Biker Gang Wars

Hey, Warren Fans:. Hillary Would Be the Most Liberal Nominee in Your Lifetime.

How Facebook Exposes Domestic Violence Survivors

‘Mad Max’: How Men’s Rights Activists Killed the World

The Iraq Question Democrats Don’t Want the Media to Ask

Summer TV’s Must-See Shows: ‘True Detective,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Scream’ & More (PHOTOS)

Breaking the Booze Taboo in the Campus Sex Assault Epidemic

Can Scott Walker Convert the Christian Right?

Dubya Is Too Pro-Choice for Texas Now

U.S. May Cooperate With Iran-Backed Militias

‘The Bachelorette’: Kaitlyn Had Sex, Like a ‘Bachelor,’ and Was Judged For It

Pentagon: Wasting $34 Million on a Building We Never Used? It Happens.

Fake Cancer Charities Gave Sick Kids Expired Meds and Little Debbie Cakes

How High Heels Became a Feminist Issue at Cannes

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Check Out the Movie’s Kickass Post-Apocalyptic Concept Art

Why Does Hillary Seem So Determined to Infuriate the Press?

Pentagon: Iraqis ‘Didn’t Want to Fight’ ISIS for Ramadi

The Rape of Sansa Stark: ‘Game of Thrones’ Goes Off-Book and Enrages Its Female Fans

Killer Flower Found in Dead Russian Whistleblower’s Stomach

Simon Pegg: ‘Big Mouth Strikes Again’

Dean Potter And I Recovered Dead BASE Jumpers

Yoko Ono Wants You To Hold Hands With Strangers

The Case for Serial’s Adnan Syed Just Got Busted Wide Open

The Holden Caulfield of Late Night TV, Letterman Always Waged War on Phoniness

Hillary Finally Quits Ignoring Questions

No, Not Anyone Can Write a Good Book

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Was Filled With CIA Lies

Charles and Gerry Adams's Historic Handshake

My Son Died for Ramadi. Now ISIS Has It.

Jeb Bush: Young Socialist?

Is Advair, the Ultra-Popular Asthma Drug, Really Safe?

Just What Is Rand Paul Saying About Abortion?

Natalie Portman’s Zionist Manifesto

Fighting Her Husband’s Parkinson’s Disease, One Shirt Button at a Time

Kentucky GOP’s Bloody Bluegrass Brawl

Cate Blanchett’s Lesbian Nontroversy

‘Maxim’ Just Became Your New Feminist Bible

The Scariest Politician in Israel: Ayelet Shaked

U.S. Secret Weapon Vs. ISIS: Garbagemen

The Bandidos Biker Gang Had a Bloody Past Even Before Waco

The ‘Death Row Chaplain’ Who Played Chess With Charles Manson

Are You Ready for President Biden?

How ‘The Justice League’ Saved ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

‘The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)’: The Most Offensive Movie of the Year

America Snores When Christian Terrorist Threatens to Massacre Muslims

‘Feminist Taylor Swift’ Is Loving Taylor Swift, Feminist

Inside the Civil War at ‘Charlie Hebdo’

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Feeling Myself’ Video Upstages Taylor Swift

Keegan-Michael Key Goes Full ‘Whiplash’ in Bhi Bhiman Video

The Artifacts Syria’s War Destroyed

Exclusive: FBI Wants Intel on U.S. Hostages From ISIS Widow

Colbert Gives Grad Speech at Wake Forest University

Hillary’s Unqualified Top VP Choice

ISIS Counterpunch Stuns U.S. and Iraq

Irish Catholics Could Change History by Voting for Marriage Equality This Week

Why Does Baghdad Let ISIS Keep Winning?

Scott Walker’s Long History of Dirty Tricks

What It’s Like To Be On Putin’s Enemies List

How Dubya Is Winning 2016 for Hillary

This Story Made an Insurance Company Cover AIDS Drugs

Who Influenced America’s Greatest Writers?

How Mr. Winehouse Exploited Amy

‘Has Anyone Here Been Raped by ISIS?’

The View From Kabul: Why We Want Drones

Fighting the Silence Around Miscarriage—With a Greeting Card

Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark Problem: The Whipping Girl of Westeros

Mad Men’s Series Finale: Don Draper’s Moment of Zen and the Betrayal of Peggy

‘About Bruce’: How Bruce Jenner's Transition Made the Kardashians Unexpected Role Models

Cops Rip Bikini Bar Twin Peaks After Waco Biker Gang Shootout

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video: Pop Culture’s Avengers Assemble to Throw Shade at Katy Perry

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: A Death Deserved

After Syria Raid, FBI Interrogates ISIS Wife and Yazidi Slave

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: May 17

Professor’s Creepy Comments The Least of Duke’s Worries

A More Grotesque ‘Game of Thrones’: Matteo Garrone’s Twisted Cannes Fairy Tales

Analysts Say Build on Momentum of Syria Raid To Keep ISIS Off Balance

ABC Colleague: George Stephanopoulos ‘Really Isn’t a Journalist’

A Forced Marriage Exposes Putin’s Out of Control Cronies

High-Flying Jerks Ruining The Hamptons For Jitney-Bound Jerks

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, May 9-16

Inside The Most Kick-Ass Cannes Party Villas

George Orwell's Ode to Springtime

Grafitti, Airstrikes, and Earthquakes: The Week in Photos

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’s’ Feminine Mystique: A Dystopian Tale of Reproductive Rights

Leon Bridges: The New Face of Soul

Are Super Athletes the Secret to Health?

What Really Happened on Albania’s Nuclear Ghost Island?

Would You Marry this Prince?

New Putin Invasion Coming This Summer

How Truman Capote’s Black and White Masked Ball Shook Sixties New York

Meet the King of the Cult of Dunkin’ Donuts

Diane Lane on Her Aborted Hillary Clinton Miniseries and Surviving Hollywood

Best of Breslin: The South's Schoolhouse Shacks

Bolita: Where Mom and Pop Meet the Mafia

Pitch Perfect 2’s Viral Villain: Meet Flula Borg, Hilarious YouTube Vlogger

The Motherboard Inside Your Brain

Dan Savage’s New Sitcom Will Destroy Us All

A Swiss Merchant of Death’s Nazi Friends and Suspicious Masterpieces

Destroying the Lazy Dad Myth

Hillary’s Endless Reintroduction Tour

Man vs. Burritozilla, Son Tries to Find Mate for Mom, and More Viral Videos

Talking ‘Bout The True Believers

U.S. Troops Fought ‘Hand to Hand’ in Syria Raid

Mitt Romney ‘Loses’ Charity Bout Against Evander Holyfield, But He’s Still A Weirdo

Why Blues Titan Bessie Smith Still Kills It

Battling DJ’s And A Sticky Tampa Honeytrap

Welcome To Frieze, The Art Fair That Drives The Rich Insane

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and the Rise of Hollywood’s Casual Racism

Your Pre-Workout Energy Drink? Useless

The Man Who Invented Modern Basketball

2015 Is the Hottest Year On Record

Instagrammer of the Week: The Natural Style of Reema Desai

America's Forgotten First Black Millionaire And Inventor of San Francisco

Alex Gibney: I Have My Doubts About Lance Armstrong

What ‘Empire’ And Other Hip-Hop Dramas Say About America

Will the Real Reagan Please Stand Up?

Instagrammer of the Week: Reema Desai

How I Passed My Skateboarding Addiction To My Kids

Bruce Jenner’s New Face

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: How 9/11, Mel Gibson, and Heath Ledger’s Death Couldn’t Derail a Classic

Twitter’s Great Porn Purge of 2015: Porn Stars and XXX Companies Fear the Worst

Tsarnaev’s Dead Eyes Got Him Killed

B.B. King and GOP Strategist Lee Atwater Used to Jam and Party Together

David Lynch Is Back on ‘Twin Peaks’: The Visionary Filmmaker Returns to Showtime’s Cult Series

‘The Lobster: Cannes’s WTF Sci-Fi Sex Odyssey

Pentagon Claims ISIS Is on the ‘Defensive,’ Never Mind That City It Just Sacked

How Congress Caused the Amtrak Crash

Amtrak Engineer Was ‘Frazzled’ By Prior Route

B.B. King’s Best Songs: A Playlist

Britain’s Barack Obama Is Out of the Race to Be Prime Minister

Philly Man Charged For Seizure-Fueled Cop Attack

Cuba’s 12 Most Absurd Prohibitions That Tourists May Never Notice

The Ancient Treasure in ISIS’s Crosshairs

It’s A ‘Good Day’ for an Ice Cube ‘30 for 30’ Parody (NSFW)

George Stephanopoulos Makes a Passive-Aggressive Non-Apology for Clinton Donation

B.B. King: The Big Life of a Blues Giant

B.B. King: A Life in Photos

Kentucky Takes Homeschoolers’ 10 Kids

Venice’s Only Mosque Is Inside a Church

Why We Love the Unlovable Betty

Torched Baghdad Neighborhood Could Be Just the Beginning

My Epic Walk Around the World

Are Childhood Antibiotics Making America Fat?

Spinsterhood Gets a Modern Makeover

Why Wegmans Is So Much More Than Just a Supermarket

Indie Bookstores Are Finally Not Dying

How to Get Good at Stress

Ted Cruz: I Won Those Purple Hearts!

Now You Can Get the ‘Mad Max’ Look

This Should Be Rand Paul’s Moment. Is He Going to Miss It?

Charlize Theron’s ‘Mad Max’ Badass Is the Female Superhero We’ve Been Waiting For

One Direction: We Were ‘Angry’ When Zayn Malik Quit

Female Fighter Pilot Trapped In a Moscow Cage

The ‘Scandal’ Finale Bloodbath: Bless Shonda Rhimes and This Crazy-Ass Show

Pictures from Burundi’s Coup in a Media Blackout

‘Big Win’ for Big Brother: NSA Celebrates the Bill That’s Designed to Cuff Them

Meet the Aussie Who Threatened to Kill Johnny Depp’s Dogs

Why Jeb Bush Had to Ditch Dubya

‘Blow Sh*t Up’ With Schwarzenegger

Just How ‘New’ Is ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi’s Audio Message?

Dear Bill O’Reilly: Hip-Hop Isn’t Making People Anti-Christian, Pinheads Like You Are

Everyone’s Bummed in New 'True Detective' Trailer

‘Pass the Trash’: The Tragic Truth About S.E. Asia's New Boat People

De Blasio’s New Plan To Combat Inequality Stiffs Vets

Greece Doesn’t Care What Amal Clooney Says, Won’t Sue for Elgin Marbles

Stephanopoulos Caught in Clinton Cash Trap

‘Black Angel’: A Medieval Movie with a ‘Star Wars’ Connection

Today, This Woman Will Row the Atlantic Alone

'Armless Archer' Bullseyes a Cheez-It

Marine Le Pen's Closest Advisor Comes Out of the Shadows In Donetsk

CBS’s New ‘Supergirl’ Show Looks Awful: Women Deserve a Better Class of Superhero

Bill Plympton on Kanye West and His Controversial Adolf Hitler Animated Film

Serial Hammer Attacker Shot on Busy NYC Street After Charging Cops

Are These the World’s Most Graphic Sex-Ed Videos?

Mo’Nique: My Oscar Can’t Buy Groceries

Is Kate Atkinson Britain’s Most Ambitious Novelist?

Why Did We Lose Our Appetite for Lunch?

The Missouri Speaker of the House Is Sexting With His Intern

The Overhyping of Iran’s Cyberarmy

Turks Are Wondering if Their President Is Insane

Everyone You Hate Loves the Bone Broth Trend

Denver’s Heroin Pizza Delivery System

Will Yoga Make Cops Less Violent?

How ‘Mad Men’ Tackled Race: The End of a Backwards Era

Ethan Hawke Hearts Drone Strikes: ‘Obviously a Huge Step Forward’

‘The Simpsons’ Fires Mr. Burns: Harry Shearer Claims He’s Been Kicked Out of Springfield

Derailed Amtrak Cars Nearly Hit ‘Bomb Train’

The Next Amtrak Catastrophe

Kim Jong Un’s Cruel & Unusual Executions

Iraq’s B.S. About Killing ISIS Bosses

Marco Rubio Schools Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy

Half of Atheist Kids Wind Up Believing

Kidnaps and Murders Could Presage ISIS-Style Slaughter in Afghanistan

Will Raul Castro Really Return to the Church?

Hero Judge Rules Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Illegal

The Skin Cancer Selfie That Will Make You Crave SPF

Ted Cruz is the Miley Cyrus of the Senate

You’ll Pry Their Manicures From Their Cold, Dead Hands

Britney & Iggy Make an Anthem for 'Pretty Girls'

Berkeley Says Cell Phones Cause Tumors

Today’s No-Risk Kids Don’t Get the ’60s

Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia (PHOTOS)

Exclusive: Anti-Fracking Filmmaker Josh Fox Arrested In Finger Lakes Protest

The Lady with the Longest Tongue

Revealed: Prince Charles’ Secret Letters

Vigilantes Vs. Assassins on Mexico’s Heroin Highway

Serial Killer Suspect Was ‘Kindhearted’ Boyfriend

Deadly Amtrak Crash Hurled Passengers Into Luggage Racks

How Photographer Sally Mann Found the Light

ISIS Are the Biggest Islamophobes

Sally Mann’s Fearless, Loving Eye (PHOTOS)

A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields’ Charged Photography

How States Like Georgia Make Cop Killing Easy

A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields’s Charged Photography

Queen Latifah Takes on Nudity, Sexuality, and the Indomitable Bessie Smith

Helen Hunt Is in the Driver’s Seat: On ‘Ride,’ Sexism, and Ageist Hollywood

Michelle Obama Exemplifies the Progress We’ve Made on Race—Why Won’t She Admit It?

Ari Gold: How to Kick Ass and Take Names

Mumford & Sons Go Electric: The Blunt Brits on Their Polarizing New Sound

‘I Lied About Toxic Chemicals for Exxon, DuPont, and Their Lobbyists’

Militants’ Guns In Iowa Clothing Drive

A New ‘Sex and The City’ Movie? These Are Our Demands

Arianna Huffington Wins Verizon-AOL Deal

Hillary Campaign Yawns at de Blasio

Report: America’s Mentally Ill Inmates Face Grim Abuse

Brooklyn Moms: Your Nail Salon Boycott Is Foolish

Second Nepal Quake’s Fury Captured on CCTV And Instagram

Jeb’s Revolving Immigration Positions

First Look at the New 'Muppets' Show

Dr. Kanye West Mocks George W. Bush—Bush Center Giggles

The $179 Million Picasso & The World's Most Expensive Art

When It Comes To The News, Who Can You Trust?

Brad Paisley and the Avengers of Country are ‘Crushin’ It’

Speed Read: Castro Tell-All Calls Cuban Leader a House-Hungry, Hoops-Cheating Cuckold

Prince Charles's Black Spider Memos To Be Published Tomorrow

A Second Major Quake Strikes Nepal

Is Pope Francis a Commie? A Liberation Theology Hero Returns to Rome

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