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Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Jan. 31

Is 5K the New Normal for Super Bowl Tickets?

How Evangelicals Could Doom Donald Trump in Iowa

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Clip Has New Footage

Watch Daniel Beaty’s ‘Knock Knock’ Live

Being an Immigrant Is Now Even Harder

President Trump Is Now a Possibility. And It’s Terrifying.

Drummer Falls Through Window, Rocks On

Gorilla & Human Kid Play Peek-A-Boo, FTW

Carson's Campaign Meets With Alleged Organ Smuggler

The Sorry State of Huckabee & Santorum

Meek Mill Finally Beats Drake with Vicious Diss Track ‘War Pain’

The Mad Genius of ‘The Venture Bros.’: TV’s Craziest Cartoon

The Best of Sundance 2016: ‘The Birth of a Nation,’ Viggo Mortensen, and More

The Young Drug Lords Fighting for El Chapo’s Throne

How We Misunderstand Sexual Arousal

The Stacks: Charlie Parker’s Revolutionary Junkie Jazz Alchemy

Paris Couture: The Wilder, The Better

Diane Rehm On Living—And Dying—With Dignity

This World Needs This Gay Mormon Superhero

‘Desire’: Bob Dylan’s Sloppiest Masterpiece Turns 40

What Kind of Jew Is Bernie Sanders?

How Instagram Changed the Celeb Crush

How to Make Abraham Lincoln's Beef & Cabbage

RIP to the Godfather of Robots

Baseball’s First Naughty Hall of Famers

Why Israel Couldn’t Save Prime Minister Rabin

Why British Priests Are Going Lumbersexual

Drake Calls Out Obama, Meek Mill, and Kanye West’s Smaller Pool on ‘Summer Sixteen’

Trump, Clinton Top Final Iowa Poll

Alicia Vikander, Idris Elba, And The Standout SAG Red Carpet Stars

Iowa Secretary of State Rips Cruz Mailer

Pastor Trump Claimed Would Endorse Him, Picks Hillary

Don't Kink-Shame Kanye

Inside Bernie’s Hippy Iowa Utopia, Outside Trump’s Commercial Fortress

Inside Skirt Club: The All-Women Sex Haven Taking Over the World

Spike Lee Defends Michael Jackson: ‘The Legacy Has Been Hijacked’

Donald Trump’s Nights Out at Le Club With Roy Cohn

The Dog, Cancer, and Me: Better Than Yesterday

Underwater Volcanoes and Shipwrecks Found in the MH370 Search

The High Times of Washington, D.C.'s Lost Henderson’s Castle

How Gin Became the Meth of 18th Century England

Goldie Taylor—No Sex In The City: Dating Through My Midlife Crisis

The 40 Most Intriguing Musicians of 2016

The Unbelievably Racist World of Classic Children’s Literature

Tennis Has Always Been Corrupt

Why On Earth Is Prince Harry Single?

How Russia Beat the U.S. to the Moon

Oscar Nominee Adam McKay on Why Fox News Loves ‘The Big Short’

Bernie’s Past With the Far Far Far Left

Bill Maher: Forget Trump, Megyn Kelly Should Be the GOP Nominee for President

There Could Be Mold in Your Vegan Meat

Head of Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Quits as The Blaze Burns Down

Why Did This Tweet Silence Richard Dawkins?

New York Lawmakers Can Now Monitor Journalists’ Emails

Goldie Taylor—Moneybags Pastor Creflo Dollar Might Get His Very Own Highway

The World Really Hates Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert Makes Donald Trump Debate Himself

Rubio Won. Can He Overtake Cruz Now?

Trump’s Carnival In Des Moines Overshadows the Debate

Without Trump, It’s Revenge of the Nerds

Meet the Movie Obamas: A Former Republican Staffer and an Ex-Soap Star

J.J. Abrams on His Next Sci-Fi Epic and Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

Iowa Kingmaker OK With Ted Cruz’s Gay Heresy

Performance Art Goes to the Toilet—in Brooklyn, Of Course

A Tale of Two Twitters

A Cover-Up Worse Than ‘Making a Murderer’?

Is London’s Billionaire Bubble Bursting?

World’s Most Expensive Jet Somehow Gets Worse

Why You Need to Be Watching ‘American Crime’

The Evangelical Power Broker Behind Ted Cruz

There’s a Cheap Fix in Zika Virus’s Ground Zero

John Kasich Whiffs on Poisoned Water Question

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Duke It Out Over Immigration

Obama Weighs In on #OscarsSoWhite: Diversity ‘Makes for Better Art’

Striking Photos of Zika’s Rapid Spread Across the Americas

Donald Trump Donated More to Clintons Than Veterans

Meet the Anti-Trump College Kid Behind the Kanye West Super PAC

How to Live Stream Donald Trump's Veterans Event Rivaling GOP Debate

Pentagon’s Progressive Revolution Adds More Maternity Leave

Trump’s Fox News Sycophants Can’t Quit Him

Don’t Make Barbie’s Body Crisis Ours

Kool & the Gang Bails on RNC Convention Celebration

Reagan’s Space Shuttle Challenger Speech

A No-TV Guide to Watching the Super Bowl

Nobel Prize-Winning Texas Professor: Guns Not Welcome In My Class

Will Refugee Crisis Doom the EU?

Why Is Everybody Suing Jay Z?

Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops the Mic on Flat Earth Truther B.o.B.

Huckabee Kidnaps Adele to Revive Dying Campaign

Texas DA: ‘I’m Pro-Life, But the Law Is the Law’

Fox Iowa GOP Debate: What Time It Starts and How to Watch Live Stream

Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Disappoints With No Hits. Has Rihanna Failed Us?

Richard Linklater on His ‘Dazed and Confused’ Sequel: ‘It’s a First Weekend of College Movie’

Watch: Physicist Shoots Self Underwater

‘The Birth of a Nation’: Meet Nate Parker, the Revolutionary Filmmaker Behind the Sundance Smash

The Game Drags Stacey Dash and Young Thug

Donald Trump Wanted Vets Kicked Off Fifth Avenue

Sexual Assault: The Accused Speak Out

How Louie Anderson Became Zach Galifianakis’s Mom

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah to Trump: Why So ‘Scared’ of Megyn Kelly?

McCain and Top Dem Warn Pentagon: Petraeus Demotion May Be Illegal

Ted Cruz’s ‘Flat Out Lie’ on Immigration

College Goes Full ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

Let’s Get Serious About Celebrity Butts

They Played Trump in Porn—One’s Voting Donald, One Loves Hillary

It’s Crunch Time for Clinton Quarterback Robby Mook

White Supremacists Want Florida Abortion Ban

Want Fries With Your Identity Fraud?

He Plotted Terror Against His Own Government

Remember When O.J. Simpson Had a Prank Show Called ‘Juiced’?

Obama Takes the Gloves Off Against ISIS at Last

Is Camilla Parker Bowles Finally Becoming ‘Duchess of Hearts’?

Kanye West and Amber Rose’s Never-Ending Soap Opera

Trump to Robert Durst in 2013: I Get Your Anger

B.o.B Vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Inside the Uprising Against Moldova’s Donald Trump

Why This Liberal Loves Megyn Kelly

Militias Get Reinforcements After Bundys Get Busted

Seth Meyers: Defund ‘Planned Bullsh*t’ Not Planned Parenthood

‘Birth of a Nation’: Sundance’s Record-Breaking Remedy to #OscarsSoWhite

Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson: A Symptom of Hollywood’s Deep-Seated Race Problem

The Game on Why He Donated $500K to Flint: ‘Talk Is Cheap’

Guards Cooked This Inmate to Death, Then the Evidence Was Burned

Lewis Black: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ More Oscar-Worthy Than ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

#OscarsSoWhite: How a Lack of Diversity Historically Dooms Oscars Ratings

The Brave Sikh Man Who Stood Up to Trump’s Muslim Bashing

‘Native American’ Church Sues the Feds to Get Its Pot Back

Joe Biden Has Already Started The War on Cancer

Do Trump Voters Really Exist? How Both Parties Botched Iowa

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Electable, and Here’s Why

The Pot Capsule That Could End Menstrual Cramps

Donald Trump Shows Fox News the Art of the Tantrum

Yoga Guru Fined $7M for Sexually Harassing Lawyer

How Matthew Perry Forgot Three Years of ‘Friends’

Christians Cringe at Donald Trump’s Sexy Past

What Is Hollywood’s Big Gay Problem? Money and a Cowardly Lack of Imagination

Michael Moore Applauds Megyn Kelly for Taking on Donald Trump

Abe Vigoda Fulfills Internet Meme

Iran’s Mysterious American Prisoner Claimed He Was an FBI Informant. Oops.

Should Americans Worry About Zika Virus?

John Rocker Endorses Donald Trump, Embraces New York Values

Fox News vs. Donald Trump, Round 2: Chris Wallace on Megyn Kelly, Facing Insults, and Asking Tough Questions

Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. Make Their Bromance Official

$100k In Memory of Prince William's Hero

Goldie Taylor—Obama Must Do Better on Prison Reform

World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee: Free the Internet!

Oregon Cop Rams, Kicks Biker, Is Nailed

John Krasinski: Sorry ‘Office’ Fans, Jenna Fischer and I Were Not ‘Genuinely in Love’

Anderson Cooper on His Fabulous Mother and Why He Came Out to The Daily Beast

Conan O’Brien and Michelle Obama Entertain the Troops, and Each Other, in Qatar

Stephen Colbert Hammers Rumsfeld on Iraq and the Rise of ISIS

From Porn Star to Fashion Star: Colby Keller on Vivienne Westwood, Sex for Money, and Fighting Gay Conservatism

Trump Said He Bought Windows From China Because America’s Were Too Expensive

Brother Raped Sister—and Mom Told Her Not to Go to Police

How New York City Opera Came Back From Death

‘Life Coaches’ Ran $20M Ponzi Scheme

Trump Is the Most Electable Republican. Really.

The Fired Juggalo Cop Hoax

Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon Competition

Campaign Vets: Ben Carson’s Manager Is Bullying Him

Scott Walker’s Zombie Scam PAC

Will the Olympics Finally Embrace Trans Athletes?

Goldie Taylor—Can Bernie Sanders Break Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina Firewall?

Sanctions Gone, Iran Goes on a Huge European Shopping Spree

Over 200 Individual Flavors Can Be Identified in Woodford Reserve. Here’s How.

When Wine Doesn’t Cut It, Bourbon Pairs With Far More Than Just Barbecue

Shady Planned Parenthood Video Creators Charged with Purchasing Organs

Why Banksy’s Art Is Such a Deadly Political Weapon

Why ‘SNL’ Can’t Quit Darrell Hammond, Its Best Donald Trump Impersonator

Charged with Murder. Elected from Jail.

Can a Black Woman Win ‘The Bachelor’?

Vladimir Putin’s Ex-Wife Finds a New, Younger Love

LA Hipsters React To East Coast Blizzard

Democratic Iowa Forum: How to Watch the Live Stream Online

Prince William’s Friend Henry Worsley Dies After Raising $150,000 For Charity

John Krasinski Criticizes Politicians for Exploiting ‘13 Hours’

When Bloomberg Really Needs To Decide If He Is Going to Run

‘Wise Man’ Robert Gates Trashes Donald Trump, Doubts Obama’s Spunk

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Star Rachel Bloom on Why TV Needs More Asian Bros

Escaped California Inmate Cut Off Pot Dealer’s Penis

Accused Murderer Married the Only Witness, Now She Doesn’t Have to Testify Against Him

How Liz Lambert Became the Hippest Hotelier in Texas

Is Bloomberg Betting Hillary Gets Indicted?

Can Breaking the Law Be a Legal Defense?

Sarah Palin’s PAC Is Up to Its Old Money Tricks

Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Health Care Plan Failed in Vermont

The X-Files’ Chris Carter Defends Premiere, Talks Mulder-Scully Romance

Downton Abbey’s Extremely Polite Class War: Season 6, Episode 4 Recap

Exclusive: Gov. Rick Snyder’s Men Originally Rejected Using Flint’s Toxic River

‘Weiner’: Hillary Clinton Advisor Philippe Reines Is the Puppet Master in Explosive Documentary

Inside Barack and Michelle Obama’s Steamy First Date

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Jan. 24

Bernie Mania Is Real and Powerful

Anthony Weiner: Bloomberg Could Win

Renegade NYC Snowboarding With the NYPD

Nick Jonas on Playing a Rowdy Frat Boy: ‘I’ve Had Sex and Drank a Lot’

Danny DeVito Is Feeling the Bern, Despises ‘Disgusting’ Donald Trump

Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Returned to ‘SNL’ to Endorse Trump, and It Was Glorious

Matt Damon Calls on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to Resign Over Flint Water Crisis

How the Armenian Genocide Shaped the Holocaust

Inside The Secret World of Britain’s Big House Billionaires

Boilermakers Are Back: Hipsters Want Their Beer-And-Shot Duo

‘The Bee Gees Cured My Writer’s Block’

Could Iran Become the Next Dubai, an Aviation Superpower?

The Wild World of Oppression Studies

Italy’s Gay Rights Showdown with the Vatican

Why Smart Bottles Are a Racket

How to Make Presidential Venison Tenderloin

Sister Kate: the Vegan, Pot-Loving Feminist Behind Etsy's Cannabidiol Shop

The Jew Who Silenced America’s Earliest Anti-Semites

‘In God We Trust’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

The Crazy History Of Your Cocktail Cherry

The KGB’s Dumbest Double Agent

Black, Gay, Muslim, and Targeted by the FBI

Can Bloomberg Win the Middle?

Steven Avery Breaks His Silence on ‘Making a Murderer’: ‘The Real Killer Is Still Out There’

Sundance Film Festival 2016’s Most WTF Movie

Macklemore Is Right About Iggy and Miley’s Racial Tourism, but This Isn’t About Him

America’s Best Jewel Thief Is An 85-Year-Old Woman

Mexico’s Secret Narco Museum

The Prancing Elites: Reality TV Stars You Can Feel Good About Loving

The Jaded Adult’s Guide to Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Russia’s Gays Go Back in the Closet

The Pentagon Wants to Put This in Your Brain

Why He Can’t Part With His $40k Guitar

Your Kids Will All Have Robot Bosses

Porn Stars ‘Feel the Bern’

Paranoid? The X-Files Are Here to Help

I Was A Stripper, I Didn’t Need To Be ‘Saved’

Dry January Is Dumb and Bad for You

That Time Jackie O Dissed Me At Swifty’s

Bill Maher: The Oscars’ Diversity Problem Is ‘Racist’ Asians’ Fault

The ‘LeBron Fired His Coach’ Conspiracy

Daniel Radcliffe: Alan Rickman Empowered Me

Blizzard 2016: Blame It on El Niño

Police ‘Cashed In’ On Offshore Gambling

Britain Warns Allies: Russia’s Next Assassination Could Be On Your Streets

Does North Korea Want to Use U.S. Student as a Bargaining Chip?

Straight Outta Compton’s Ice Cube: Oscar Boycott Talk Is Getting ‘Ridiculous’

The Fake Facebook News Driving Iraq’s Wars

Mysterious Zika Virus Stumps Scientists

‘Sticky’ Documentary Dispels Myths About Self-Love

Meet NatGeo’s Adventurers of the Year

Gillian Anderson: I Was Offered Half Duchovny’s Pay for ‘The X-Files’ Revival

Top Republicans Cash in Like Democrats

Anatomy of an Oscars Boycott: Why Will Smith and Others Are Taking a Stand

Goldie Taylor—The Sex-Trafficking Victim Next Door

The Arab Gangsters of Israel

America Declines Dinner Date With Jeb Bush

Is Amy Schumer Really a Joke Thief?

Why Do Cops See Guns That Aren’t There?

You Damn Millennials Don’t Get Socialism

Bernie Sanders’s Real Beef With the LGBT ‘Establishment’

Carole Middleton, The Ultimate Helicopter Mom

Marco Rubio Comes in Second on Fallon

Why Boris Johnson Isn’t Helping Brexit

Celine Dion Bids Farewell to Her Husband at ‘State Funeral’

‘Outsiders,’ the Show That Predicted Oregon’s Bundy Militia

Zach Galifianakis’s ‘Baskets’: Is This the Weirdest Show… Ever?

State-Sponsored Child Abuse and Neglect in Flint

Cop Allegedly Used ‘Family Guy’ as Foreplay for Rape of Teen Relative

Did Dr. Phil Hold His Staff Hostage?

Convicted Killer Rudy Guede: ‘I’m 101% Certain Amanda Knox Was There’

Exclusive: U.S. Admits to Bombing 29 Civilians in ISIS War

Sundance Film Festival 2016’s Can’t-Miss Events: Obama’s First Date, J.J. Abrams vs. JFK and More

Looking Back at New York’s Legendary Ziegfeld Theater (PHOTOS)

Stephanie Rader, Heroic U.S. Spy at Dawn of Cold War, Dies at Age 100

Listen to David Bowie Impersonate Springsteen, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Others

Cruz’s Rise Fuels Iowa GOP Family Feud

Mike Tyson: Why I’m a Muslim for Donald Trump

Fred Armisen on Sex, Sketches, and Growing Up

Alexander Litvinenko Was Killed ‘for Calling Putin a Pedophile’

Stephen Colbert Unloads on Sarah Palin: ‘Nobody Compares to the Original Material Girl’

Here’s How Terrorists Recruit Africa’s Children

Of Course Donald Trump Is a Ted Cruz Birther

The Gay Rights Letdown Is Here

When Marco Rubio Wanted to Take Prostitutes’ Cash

What David Cameron Gets Right About Terrorism

How Citizens United Gave Us Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Will Oxford University Remove Cecil Rhodes Statue?

Chelsea Handler: ‘You Can Be a Bitch and Be Wonderful’

The 21-Year-Old Funeral Singer of South Chicago Is Afraid She’ll Be Next

This Is What We Die For: Child Slaves Made Your Phone Battery

Bookies: Go Big on Donald Trump (And Even Bigger on Hillary Clinton)

Black Lives Matter Rains on Rahm Emanuel’s D.C. Parade

Sarah Palin: Bad for America, Great for Comedy

Iran Can’t Find an American Hostage, U.S. Officials Say

Students Slaughtered at a Pakistan University—But Why?

Terrorist Attack on University Kills 23 (Photos)

Grace Coddington’s Independence Day: A ‘Vogue’ Star Goes Her Own Way

Gawker Hit By Another Lawsuit—This Time From a Journalist

How Hip-Hop Lost Mos Def: Yasiin Bey Announces Retirement and Final Album

Larry Wilmore Calls on Evangelicals to ‘Smite Down’ Donald Trump

Palin Blames Son's Domestic Violence on Obama

Bowie Fans: No Kanye Tribute Album

Stacey Dash’s Solution to #OscarsSoWhite: Get Rid of BET and Black History Month

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Slams Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘You Screwed Yourself!'

Kent State Professor Posted ISIS Pictures on Facebook

How to Fix the Racist Oscars—and Hollywood

William Shatner on 50 Years of ‘Star Trek,’ the Passing of David Bowie, and Pal Leonard Nimoy

Ted Cruz Gets Pooped on by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in New Hampshire

Meet the Robot Writing ‘Friends’ Sequels

Unfuzzy Math: It’s Still Hillary Clinton’s Race to Lose

Good Luck With Your Mission to ‘Quit’ Twitter

Conservative Radio to Donald Trump: Like Ted Cruz or You Lose

‘I Had a Sense of Relief’: Livestreaming Our Abortion Stories

The ‘Mystery’ of Hong Kong’s Disappearing Booksellers

Catholic Hospitals Are Blocking a Basic Form of Contraception

A Shady Church Sex-Abuse Shell Game?

If Doctors Thought Like Anti-Vaxxers

Prosecutor: Dad Killed 3-Year-Old Son to Keep His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend Happy

Is This the End of Our Amy Schumer-Jennifer Lawrence Love-In?

Justin Bieber’s Hair Is Worse Than Justin Bieber

Denmark Bounces Migrants From Nightclubs

‘Seaman Superman’ Says Cruise Line Fired Him for Saving Passengers’ Lives

No Fairy Tale: ‘Black Sails’ Exposes the Gritty World of Pirates You Thought You Knew

How Bad Is Your Breakfast Food? We Ranked 10 Popular Items

Carson Campaign Volunteer Dies

Sarah Palin Backs Donald Trump, Murders Irony

What’s Behind the Nutty Law to Register Journalists?

GOP Lawmaker Quizzes Teens on Virginity

The Secrets of Pablo Escobar’s Demolished Miami Beach Mansion

Whoopi Goldberg: Oscar Boycott ‘Slap in the Face’ to Chris Rock

Disney, Say Yes to Queer Characters

DeRay McKesson Gives Stephen Colbert a Lesson on #BlackLivesMatter and White Privilege

Video: Take in Five Planets at One Time

Senate Candidate Refuses To Raise Money, And Still Thinks He Can Win

‘War and Peace’: Incest and Fruit-Smashing Sex with Style to Spare

MLKNow: Hollywood’s Poignant Martin Luther King Day Tribute, Featuring Chris Rock and More

Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton! (PHOTOS)

Tracy Morgan Roasts Trump and ‘Star Wars,’ Teases Return to TV on ‘Fallon’

Aunt Viv Drags Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Over Oscars Boycott

The CIA’s Syria Program and the Perils of Proxies

Ground Zero in the Robot Air War

Ammon Bundy and His Gang Must Go to Jail

The Keys to Iran’s Missiles are in China and North Korea

Ted Cruz Is Brilliant but His Strategy Sucks

The Working-Class People the NFL Screwed in St. Louis

Team Bernie Courts the Grandparent Vote

How the Science of Memory Seduced Joyce Carol Oates

Erin Brockovich Is Back To Fight in Flint

Did Alleged ISIS Fan Kill His Neighbor?

The Killing All of Chicago Missed

Why Is Fashion Having a Fairy Tale Moment?

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Has ‘Never Been More Impressed’ With Donald Trump

Furious GOP Yanks NBC Sponsorship of February Debate

Jealous Ex Stabs 2 College Athletes to Death

Trump Pledges to Make God Great Again

Goldie Taylor—Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream Still Unmet

Exclusive: Pentagon May Demote David Petraeus

Muslim Politicians Call for ‘Poisonous and Corrosive’ Donald Trump to Be Banned From U.K.

Does Putin Know What His Attack Dogs Are Doing?

American Civilian Missing in Iraq Had ‘False Sense of Security’

Chelsea Handler: I Can’t Sit Indian-Style Anymore

George Miller on the Epic On-Set ‘Mad Max’ Fights and Turning Down ‘Man of Steel 2’

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton: Oh, It’s On

Your Shorter Democratic Debate

Cosby’s Lawyer Beat Cosby’s Prosecutor in Identical Rape Case

The Prohibition Doc Who Prescribed Booze

Getting Whipped on the Fourth of July

Goldie Taylor—Flint Was Forgotten Before It Was Poisoned

The Forgotten AIDS Crisis in Russia

RNC Prepping for ‘Chaos’ at Convention

Hey, Berniebros: Quit Whining

Beast Fiction: Dying to Save the World

African Americans Need to Wake Up to the Danger of Alzheimer’s

A Reign of Terror for Jews in France

Can the Obama Coalition Outlast Obama?

Why ‘Mein Kampf’ Is a Must-Read Now

Future Trolls Seahawks QB Russell Wilson with Surprise Mixtape ‘Purple Reign’

Hillary Clinton Puts Bernie Sanders on Blast Over Guns

How to Marry in ‘Downton Abbey,’ Guest of Honor: The Wizard of Oz

The Perils of the Black ‘Housewives’ of the Potomac

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: January 17

President Pierce’s Spicy Mexican Cheese Dip

SNL’s Hilarious Kylo Ren ‘Undercover Boss’ Star Wars Parody

SNL Torches Ted Cruz Over ‘New York Values’ Comments

NFL’s Safety Policy is Trump-Worthy B.S.

This Is Your Body on Sleep Deprivation

Please, Someone Sue Ted Cruz, and Hurry!

Indiana’s Shameful Trans Bathroom Bill 

Revealed: Marie Antoinette’s Scandalous Secret Letters to Her Lover

How ‘Law & Order’ Tainted American Justice

So You Wanna Buy a Fake Leg?

Bernie’s ISIS Strategy Is A Disaster

Sex Abuse & Gay Conversion Therapy: The Dark Past of Justin Bieber’s Megachurch Hillsong

Vladimir Putin Is Russia’s Marlo Stanfield

How Derek Ridgers Captured The Club Freaks of London

This Is Your Brain on This Election

Hollywood Goes Full-On Devil Worship

Anglicans Demote Episcopalians as Global Christianity Gets More Polarized

David Bowie and Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Statutory Rape Problem

The Oscars’ Racist Refusal to Honor Modern Black Heroes

Meek Mill Fires Back with Drake Diss Track Five Months After Getting Buried

Who Did U.S. Give Up in Iran Prisoner Swap?

Behind the Bull: A Night With A Professional Bull Rider (PHOTOS)

Iran Frees U.S. Journalist Jason Rezaian and Three Others

Olivia Munn’s Valuable Advice from Jon Stewart

Young Hollywood’s Public Coming Out

Crooked CEO Blew $500,000 on a Psychic

Coddled Infants Claim College Victory

Behind the Dirty, Sexy, Saga of the Spanish Crown

Black America’s Underground Guide to Escaping the Jim Crow South

The Playboy Mansion in the 1970s

Kate Winslet’s Glamorous Red Carpet Looks (PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton Starts Ending Her Media Cold War

The Stacks: Eddie Murphy’s Gilded Road to Ruin

How We Played at the Playboy Mansion

Can Whiskey Cure Your Common Cold?

The Man Who Brought Us T-Rex

The Man Who Survived Hiroshima & Nagasaki

David Bowie on 9/11 and God

A ‘New York Values’ Walking Tour for Ted Cruz

Bill Maher Blasts ‘Bloodthirsty’ GOP, Launches Campaign to Get Obama on His Show

Queen’s Grandson Organizes Her Birthday…And Cashes In

Add Taiwan to the List of China’s Big Problems

Graham Snubs Rubio Over Immigration ‘Cut and Run’

Please, Someone Sue Ted Cruz, and Hurry!

Will a Birther Lawsuit Derail Ted Cruz?

Ashley Olsen Didn’t Deserve to Die, No Matter How Hard She Partied

All MLB Teams Hire Spanish Translators

Daily Show Edits ‘Straight Outta Compton’ into ‘Straight Outta Cotton’ to Be More Oscar-Friendly

Chipotles Close for Food Safety Talk

Watch Ethiopian Kids Cover Nirvana

The Boozy, Bloody Downfall of Nick Carter, America’s Sexiest Backstreet Boy

The Surreal Republican Debate Scorecard

Stephen Colbert: Trump’s Ted Cruz Birtherism Is ‘Horsesh*t’

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump: Now It’s War

‘Hillary Blamed Me for Benghazi’

Pamela Des Barres, The Ultimate Rock Groupie, Tells All

‘Sesame Street’ Gets Gentrified, but Keeps Its Charm

Obama Turns to Special Ops to Salvage His Legacy

Witnesses Expose Ronald Reagan’s Dirty Secret in Guatemala

Did This Pastor Drive Her Flock to Beat Teen to Death?

The First January Hurricane Since 1938

How the State Department Caved to Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer on Classified Emails

‘Her Story’ Is an Authentic Look at Trans Life

Hillary Ready For Trump ‘Showdown’

9/11 Widower Invites Ted Cruz to Ground Zero to See ‘New York Values’

A Broadway Star and Entrepreneur, Jenny Dare Paulin’s Next Act Is to Change the World

From the Air Force to Accounting: Jared Hager Can Handle It

Face It: It’s a Two-Man Race for the GOP Nomination Now

Ted Cruz Accidentally Proves Donald Trump Is Human

Trump Booed for Going Birther on Cruz

How Cops Busted the U.K’s Biggest Heist

Tween Trump Cheerleaders Sing: ‘Deal From Strength or Get Crushed!’

Planned Parenthood Rightfully Sues Over Shady ‘Tissue’ Videos

Truly, Madly, and Deeply Alan Rickman

The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore Predicted All-White Oscars

What Will Happen to Flint’s Lead-Poisoned Children?

Was Ashley Olsen’s Murder in Italy a Hookup Gone Wrong?

Alan Rickman: The Voice That Could Move Mountains

Another All-White Oscars? This Is Bullshit.

Jakarta, Paris, San Bernardino: The Age of ‘Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attacks’

How to Watch the Fox Business GOP Debate Live Stream Online

Here Are the 2016 Oscar Nominations: Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ and More

Bill Maher: We Must Stop ‘Evil’ Ted Cruz Before It’s Too Late

Groups Decrying ‘Dark Money’ Use Shadowy Money Themselves

The Movie Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You to See

Rand Paul Holds ‘Daily Show’ Bourbon Debate After Failing to Make Fox Business Lineup

Adele Raps Nicki Minaj and Sings Spice Girls in Epic Carpool Karaoke Session

Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan Nails Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’

Is Pippa Middleton in Love?

GOP Dead-Enders Fight to Stay Anti-Gay

Foster Parents Sue to Tote Guns & Tots

Oxford University To Students: Grow The Hell Up

‘13 Hours’ Is Porn for Conspiracy Theorists

Sorry, Vegetarians: There’s a Cauliflower Shortage

While Russia’s Economy Crumbles, Putin’s in Wonderland

They’re Murdering Their Mayors in Mexico

‘War and Peace’ Goes ‘Game of Thrones’ in New BBC Adaptation

Varsity Basketball Players Raped Teammate and School Let Team Keep Playing

Face It: A Vote for Hillary Clinton Is a Vote for War

Goldie Taylor—Activist’s Son Becomes a Murder Suspect

Why Is Ted Cruz So Eager for Phil Robertson’s Endorsement?

‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancée Claims ‘Behind Closed Doors, He’s a Monster’

Ted Cruz Bashed Goldman Sachs—After Taking Their Money

Alejandro Aravena’s Architecture Crusade (PHOTOS)

An ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Story Ends in Murder

Cops Collared Kiddie Slave Mom in May

The GOP’s Civil War Gets Even More Fun

Watch the Insane ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Row About David Bowie

Khloé Kardashian Tells Howard Stern About Her ‘Humiliating’ Marriage to Lamar Odom

Iran Turns U.S. Sailors Into Propaganda After Team Obama Plays Nice

Jimmy Kimmel Helps The X-Files’ Mulder and Scully Enter the 21st Century

Florida Whooping Cough Outbreak Fuels Anti-Vaxxers

U.S. Sailors Released but Iran Won’t Stop Taking Hostages

Can Massachusetts Kill DraftKings?

How ‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Attorney Dean Strang Is Making America Great Again

President Obama Takes on Trump and Tribalism

‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery Claims His Jury Was Tainted

How to Spend Your $577 Million (After Tax) Powerball Loot

The Gun Issue Even the NRA Won’t Touch

How ‘Younger’ Became the ‘Sex and the City’ Replacement We All Craved

‘Bojack Horseman’ Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Previews ‘Punny and Punishing’ Third Season

Brooklyn’s Only Weed Dr. ‘Got Rich’ Off the Homeless and Mentally Ill

Foster Kids’ Sad ‘Cockfight’ Goes Viral

The Royal Rise of the Middletons

The Trolls Who Target Dead Celebrities

Confessions of an Accused Cop Killer

2016 Oscar Nomination Predictions: Will Jennifer Lawrence Get Snubbed?

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