Swarthmore Frats Will Disband After ‘Rape Attic’ Reference Sparks Protests

Two Swarthmore University fraternities have been forced to permanently close their doors after student members were exposed discussing a “rape attic” and sexual encounters with underage girls. Furious students staged sit-ins at the suburban Philadelphia college calling for Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon to be banned from campus after student publications published alleged meeting minutes that exposed shockingly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic language. In a statement early Wednesday, Swarthmore President Valerie Smith confirmed the frats had agreed to disband and warned that an investigation into the allegations would continue. “As a community, we have much healing to do,” she said. The protesters said in a statement Tuesday night: “DU and Phi Psi have disbanded in a testament to the power of survivor-led student organizing and direct action... They made the right decision, even as the College refused to. Our work is not finished yet.”

Editor’s Note: This cheat has been updated.