Televangelist Wants Followers to Help Fund His $54 Million Private Jet

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis is asking his followers to help fund the ministry’s fourth private jet so that he can preach “the gospel all over the world,” according to The Washington Post. The Falcon 7X jet Duplantis wants costs a cool $54 million, featuring a Bluetooth entertainment system and noise-cancelling technology. “We believe in God for a brand new Falcon 7X so we can go anywhere in the world, one stop,” he told his followers in a video message. He also explained that his other planes can’t go to destinations in “one stop” and trips would be “cheaper” if he had a new jet. Duplantis is a minister of the prosperity gospel, which preaches that God bestows followers with “earthly riches” and that putting money in the ministry is an “investment” of sorts. “[L]et me tell you something about it, it’s going to touch people. It’s going to reach people,” Duplantis said about his plane. “It’s going to save lives one soul at a time.”