Tennessee Man Charged With Eighth Homicide After Cops Found Headless Body In Burned Cabin

A man accused of brutally killing seven people in rural Tennessee has been charged with the murder of an eighth victim. Michael Cummins, 25, has been charged in the death of James Fox Dunn Jr., whose headless body was found in a burned cabin on April 17, Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley announced on Friday. Prosecutors said Dunn's head was found about 100 yards from his cabin after police responded to calls about a fire. It is unknown whether the 63-year-old man was decapitated while alive or after his death; an autopsy also revealed blunt force trauma to the head. The eighth murder is the latest in a killing spree in Westmoreland, a rural Tennessee town with a population just over 2,000. Cummins was arrested late last month after authorities found seven bodies, including several members of his family and a 12-year-old girl, at two homes on the outskirts of Westmoreland. Authorities have previously deemed the string of murders "one of the worst mass killings in state history."