Trump Organization ‘Sold Property to Shell Company Linked to Maduro Regime,’ Says Report

The Trump Organization sold a luxury ocean-view property in the Dominican Republic to a shell company that appears to be tied to figures from Venezuela’s Maduro regime, the Miami Herald reports. The property was sold to Venezuelans who are reportedly linked to a Diosdado Cabello, the second most powerful man in President Nicolás Maduro’s government. Cabello is now under U.S. sanctions for alleged drug trafficking and money laundering but, in April 2015, the Trump Organization sold the property to a Costa Rican company that has been linked to a Venezuelan woman named Marlene Coromoto Arenas Colina. She’s married to Pedro Fritz Morejón, the former Venezuelan tourism minister under late President Hugo Chávez, both of whom have been linked to Cabello, who is vice head of Venezuela’s Socialist Party. There’s no evidence of anything illegal, the Herald reports, but the sale is under scrutiny as Trump attempts to remove Maduro and blame past U.S. presidents for not driving Venezuela’s socialist governments from power. The Trump Organization refused to comment.