Video: Chicago Police Drag, Punch Teen Girl Down Stairs at High School

Newly released surveillance video shows two Chicago police officers dragging a 16-year-old girl down stairs, while punching her and using a stun gun on her. The video is now being used in a lawsuit against the city, the two officers, and the school district's Board of Education. The incident occurred when the officers were called to escort the girl out of her high school for having her phone out in class. The girl was initially charged with “aggravated assault against a peace officer,” but the charges were dropped a week later. “Thank God for that video,” said the girl’s attorney, Andrew M. Stroth. The video appears to contradict the account officers gave of the incident.

The girl’s father, Laurentio Howard, witnessed the end of the altercation when he arrived at the school to pick his daughter. “I couldn't believe I seen two sworn police officers of Chicago abusing my daughter like this,” Howard said. “And I'm standing right there watching them do this and can't do anything about it.” The upsetting video shows the girl laying on the ground at the base of the stairs as one officer steps on her and the other appears to punch her, then one officer stuns her.