Wagner Family Members Charged in Rhoden Family Massacre

Four arrests have been made in connection with the gruesome Rhoden family murders in April 2016, authorities announced Tuesday. A married couple—George Wagner III, 47, and Angela Wagner, 48—were arrested along with their two sons, George Wagner IV, 27, and Edward Wagner, 26. They’ve reportedly been charged with carrying out the slayings of eight members of the Rhoden family in Pike County, Ohio, with the victims ranging in age from 16 to 44. According to autopsy reports, all but one of the victims were “shot in the head multiple times” in three trailers and a camper on April 22, 2016. Three young children were spared in the killings. The autopsies also revealed that the killings, which launched the largest homicide investigation in Ohio history, were “methodical, calculated and vicious.”