Woody Allen: I’m a ‘Great Defender’ of #MeToo Movement

Woody Allen believes he is a “great defender of the #MeToo movement” and that his face should be on the movement’s posters. “I worked in films for 50 years, I worked with hundreds of actresses and not one, big, famous, beginner, no one has suggested any kind of indecency. I have always had a wonderful behavior with them. I created wonderful roles for many women,” Allen told Argentinian journalist Jorge Lanata. The filmmaker also said that it bothers him how he is often linked to the abusers and harassers in the entertainment industry: “People who have been accused by 20 women, 50, 100 of abuse. I, who was once charged by a woman in a child custody case that was analyzed and proven to be false. They group me with these people,” he said. When asked about allegations that he abused his daughter Dylan Farrow, Allen flatly denied it and said it was “terrible to accuse a person of something like that.” Allen also said he intended his movie Manhattan—which features a young woman entering a relationship with an older man, portrayed by the director himself—to be funny with the age difference, but said it was “misdirected” and he “made many mistakes” while producing it.